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Sometimes inspiration finds me.  And sometimes it does not.  A cook by trade, I have found my inspiration in food for the past ten years, my interests hop-scotching from homemade sourdough bread to an oatmeal-raisin cookie obsession, poached eggs on anything, or a perfect afternoon cup of tea.

Of late, inspiration has been hard to find.  I suspect it’s been hidden in the over-tired shadows of my new-life-with-baby.  I have found that sheer exhaustion trumps any inkling of creativity when dinner time rolls around.  Or lunchtime, for that matter.  Almond butter and jelly have become required staples in our kitchen.  Especially since I’ve gone back to work.  The ten hours out of the house including the commute to and from work doesn’t leave much time for chores or eating or playing with my beautiful daughter, or sleeping. Truly, I offer a huge applause to working/nursing moms who manage to get dinner on the table for the family.  Tonight I ate almond butter and jelly. Again.   I wolfed it down actually.  Because who has time to eat?  Seriously!

And then I sat down and read one of the cookbooks I received for Christmas. It’s a cookbook I’ve been wanting for a couple years now and it made me hungry for real food!  The book is called My Bombay Kitchen by Niloufer Ichaporia King and the foreword is written by Alice Waters.  I’m really looking forward to cooking from it.  There are already more dog-eared pages than I could possibly try in the near future, but I read cookbooks optimistically!

So inspiration has found me this evening and perhaps, despite the exhaustion and the ever-growing list of chores, I’ll manage to have something decent for dinner at least once in the next few nights.  And this book….YUM!  Take a peek and see if it inspires you…I suspect it will!


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Alas, it’s nearly impossible to complete a project in the kitchen, and even harder to sit down at the computer to key in a clever write-up.  Because if you had the choice between hours on your feet or cooing at her….which would you choose?! But I have had a few spare moments to peruse a cookbook or two in lieu of actually cooking!  And with this drizzly, gray weather we’ve been having, this book has my heart!

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Please forgive my silence…We’ve had our hands full!

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Looky here…

I thought I’d put together this useful little page for all of us to enjoy.  You can access it here, or by clicking on the “conversion guide” tab near the top of the blog.  Hope it’s a help!

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Now, there’s no recipe to follow this post, but just stay with me here.  I’ve got a funny story to tell.  And there is food involved… sort of…

There’s a girl who used to work at the restaurant with me.  She was a chatterbox.  She liked to gossip.  She often worked in the back corner of the kitchen.  Right next to the staff restroom.  She called that corner “the intersection of awkward and uncomfortable”.  That’s because she often found herself in deep gossip mode only to find that the person she was talking about was actually in the bathroom. And they’d just heard everything she was saying about them.  This girl found herself feeling awkward and uncomfortable a lot.  It was amusing.

One warm summer evening, she went outside to take in the breeze as the night slowed down.  There are apartments on the upper floors, next door to the restaurant.  It was probably 10:30 at night.  Somebody dumped a bowl of cornflakes out of their window.  The cornflakes (soggy with milk) landed squarely on this girl’s head.  Squarely.  She had really curly hair.  The cornflakes got stuck in her curly coils.  She had to stick her head in the sink to wash out the milky sogginess.  But soggy cornflakes are hard to extract from curly, coily, hair.  She had a hard time.  She just wanted to know who eats cornflakes at 10:30 pm?  And who dumps half-eaten bowls of soggy cornflakes out their windows?

I started singing, “I never was a cornflake girl”.  She wasn’t happy with me.  I kept singing it.  I mean, when something is really funny, sometimes you just have to go with it.  And as Scott is known to say, “funny trumps mean“.  How can one not see the humor in this?

I haven’t stopped laughing.

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Flowers tend to the fall into the category of “things I don’t need to buy”.  I’d rather save my pennies for this or that…and then one day I decide to spend the $8 on a bunch of tulips, and I am reminded that flowers are wonderful for brightening the little corners of my life.  And if that ain’t worth the $8, then I don’t know what is!

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Don’t Put off Your Happy Life!

I saw this life-reminder on one of the blogs I love to read and thought that it was definitely in need of sharing.  An important message to remember, me thinks!

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