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If these were daggers…..

Then these must be machetes…

P9170005…or maybe one of those cool Hattori Hanso swords like The Bride had in Kill Bill…

…and I’d like to take this moment to offer up a ton of overgrown, tough, practically inedible okra….anyone? anyone?…


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The miracle of the garden has happened again.  Those lovely little okra flowers have turned into fierce-looking daggers of red okra that make me long for Scott’s gumbo.  Maybe, if I’m very, very lucky, he’ll have a batch waiting for me when I get home from work tomorrow (along with my slippers and cigar, of course!).  And on that note- we’ve got perfectly green peppers in the garden awaiting their due spot in the “trinity”.

No, no.  This ain’t no religious post.  I’m talking about celery, onion, and peppers.  In Cajun cuisine, that combination is called the “trinity” and it serves as the base for many dishes.  It’s alter ego “mirepoix”  lives in the realm of European cuisine, and contains carrots instead of peppers.  So that’s that!  You learn a new thing every day-huh?

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Okay, well…maybe not roses and daffodils.  I don’t actually have any roses, and as you can see, the daffodils are done.  So maybe everything’s comin’ up okra and yellow wax beans.  But that makes me just as happy!

budding okraimmature grapes

yellow wax bean harvest

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